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SITRANS FUS SONOKIT offers a simple, accurate alternative to traditional flowmeters as it can be retrofitted onto existing pipelines. Being a transit time based ultrasonic flowmeter, SITRANS FUS SONOKIT has in-line transducers which sitrans f us sonokitassure superior accuracy and performance. The kit includes all necessary parts and special tools to make the installation as 1- or 2-track flowmeter. It is made for installation on empty pipes or pipes under pressure without process shut-down (hot-tap).

Best-in-class performance and day-to-day operation.

SITRANS FUS clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters showcase the benefits of digital signal processing: market-leading accuracy, noise immunity, and reliability. Need more convincing? There’s also the high-speed data update rate and superior user-friendliness at every stage of installation and operation. With no pressure drop or energy loss, a wide turndown ratio and non-intrusive sensors that can be installed without cutting into the pipe – you can’t go wrong with SITRANS FUS clamp-on for liquid flow measurement.


Mag8000 Water Meter

The SITRANS F M MAG 8000 program of battery-operated water meters gives you the flexibility to install a reliable water flow meter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance. The SITRANS F M MAG 8000 program features a basic version for general water applications or an advanced version for more advanced functionality and information.

An optional built-in 3G/UMTS Wireless Communication Module allows for remote reading of comprehensive measurement data via a variety of protocols, e.g. SMS, SMTP(S) or FTP(S).

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